Understanding The Two Sides Of Family Law: Children And Financial Issues

When a person first contemplates divorce, the number of legal issues that need to be resolved can at first seem overwhelming. But most of them can be placed in just two basic categories:

  1. Issues related to children and parenting
  2. Issues related to shared finances

At The Law Offices of Tatiana D. Engelmann, P.C., based in Albuquerque, we work as a team to provide solutions that allow clients to move on with their busy lives. Our founding attorney has practiced family law for many years and approaches your case with compassion and understanding for the emotional and logistical transitions you are going through.

Issues In Divorce Related To Children

The first concern in any divorce involving minor children must be their safety and well-being. Our firm's founding lawyer places a special emphasis on mediated settlements that minimize the amount of conflict that children of divorcing parents are exposed to. We can help you sort out the many elements of parenting that must be addressed in your divorce decree, including:

  • The amount of parenting time each spouse is given in terms of child custody or visitation
  • Developing an effective co-parenting plan
  • What will happen if a parent moves out of the area
  • How conflicts about how the children will be raised will be resolved

Financial Issues: Dividing Debt In Divorce, Assigning Marital Assets, Determining Support

The other half of the divorce process, and one that actually overlaps a great deal with it, is the part concerning how money issues will be handled. Many couples co-mingle their finances and assets during marriage and dissolving this union involves separating them.

Some of the financial steps in conducting a divorce include:

  • Understanding your responsibilities in terms of child support and spousal support payments
  • Determining how to divide property 50-50 according to the state's community property laws
  • Calculating who will pay the debts that were accumulated together
  • Having retirement accounts properly divided through a qualified domestic relations order

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