How Family Law Mediation Can Assist Families

Many divorcing couples assume they will meet each other on opposing sides of a courtroom, but that does not have to be the case. At The Law Offices of Tatiana D. Engelmann, P.C., our firm focuses on creating settlements through divorce mediation. Our founding attorney is a zealous representative if your divorce must be taken to court, but she can also act as a neutral guide to help you and your spouse find ways to create your own fair and equitable decision when that is a possibility.

Types Of Issues That Can Be Resolved Through Mediation

In the style of mediation that our firm's lawyer practices, she acts as a neutral third party who assists opposing parties come to a workable agreement through negotiation. There are numerous issues for which mediation can provide paths to a solution, including:

  • Child custody and visitation arrangements
  • Asset division, especially in high net worth divorces
  • Post-decree modifications, including custody and child/spousal support matters
  • Negotiations between family members over paternity, kinship/guardianship rights, and other matters

Essentially, if both parties truly want to resolve the stated issue, mediation is a viable option to explore.

Advantages Of Using Mediation To Resolve Legal Conflicts

While there are some divorce agreements that simply must be determined by a judge because negotiation is impossible, many others can benefit from the mediation process. This lower conflict option has many benefits, including:

  • It is a private matter — if the case never goes to court, it never becomes part of the public record.
  • Mediated divorces are far less expensive and take less time to complete than the average litigated divorce.
  • Mediation involves just you, your spouse and one outside mediator. Fewer outsiders know the personal details of your married life.
  • Crafting a settlement through mediation is far less distressing for your children, and it is easier to co-parent together with your spouse afterward.

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